How Brooke Willis Property saved 36 hours monthly with SimpleRent


Brooke Willis Property is a boutique agency offering an innovative approach to traditional property management in the inner Brisbane area.


Ascot, Queensland

SimpleRent User Since

July 2020

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9 hours saved

Weekly on banking activities


of properties on direct debit payment via SimpleRent


Of failed payments were recovered through SimpleRent automation without manual follow-ups

Brooke Willis Property needed a simple yet comprehensive payment automation platform to manage their tenants payments. By switching to SimpleRent, the agency is able to streamline the reconciliation and banking process with just a press of a button - saving 1.8 hours per day and allowing them to convert more leases.

Prior to using SimpleRent, the reconciliation and banking process took us up to 2 hours per day. SimpleRent simplifies the process with one file to download in less than 10 minutes.


Before establishing her boutique agency, Brooke Wills was the Head of Property Management for Ray White Ascot.

For Brooke and her property management team, banking and administrative tasks can be a hugely time consuming. However, with the help of an automated property payment system, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Brooke previously used a popular outdated system with outdated features. Lacking automation and the customizations she needed, it left her wanting a better system.

Brooke explains, “With my previous system, tenants were manually direct depositing into the trust account. The reconciliation and banking process took us up to 2 hours per day.”

The system became laborious to use and Brooke decided it was time to switch.

The new payment platform would have to be powerful but not overpowering. It would need to have more expansive payment automation features and be easy to use.


SimpleRent came into the picture, and Ray White Ascot began using SimpleRent in January 2018. By working with SimpleRent, the day-to-day manual tasks were gone.

Fast-forward to 2020, Brooke Wills decided to chart her own path and started her boutique agency, Brooke Willis Property.

It was no surprise that Brooke had adopted SimpleRent to her new business. “I have been using SimpleRent for almost 4 years now. Obviously, I’ve implemented it into my new business,” she explains.


Saving 9 hours weekly through automation

Brooke notes that Deft lacked the process automation required to deliver work productivity. It still meant more hours spent on redundant, time-consuming banking-related tasks.

“Prior to using SimpleRent, we were using an outdated system. The reconciliation and banking process took us up to 2 hours per day. SimpleRent simplifies the process with one file to download in less than 10 minutes. Super easy and super quick.” Brooke says.

Brooke credits SimpleRent for automating the payment process that was badly needed to maximize efficiency and to steer focus on what truly matters - building relationships with her tenants.

Amplifying the tenant experience

Another benefit from Brooke’s shift to SimpleRent is the payment setup process.

Brooke shares that, “the best thing about SimpleRent is that it simplifies the payment process. It's integrated. The initial lease process makes it really easy for the tenants to process their entry and bond payments and set up their direct debit payments.”

Thanks to SimpleRent’s end-to-end payment automation system, tenants are delighted with the simple yet comprehensive payment process.

“Making it easier for the tenants makes it easy for us, too - making us convert a lot more leases because it is so easy and so transparent to use,” Brooke says.

Giving tenants more options they deserve

As the founder of Brooke Willis Property, Brooke is committed to delivering top-notch customer service to her tenants. Providing tenants the flexibility is paramount.

When she implemented SimpleRent into her business, she saw the huge impact SimpleRent has on her tenants. Giving tenants the availability and choices when it comes to property payments makes them feel more valued and satisfied.

“With SimpleRent, we’re giving our tenants different options for their payments. We give them the choice to pay with: credit card or direct debit. We can even offer easyBondpay because SimpleRent has integrated it into their system,” Brooke shares with excitement.

In conclusion

When Brooke needed a way to streamline her business operations, she relied on SimpleRent to get her property management workflows up and running in minutes. She has found a saviour in SimpleRent compared to other platforms.

“SimpleRent brings out more value than other payment platforms. SimpleRent has extra features that the other platforms did not have,” Brooke explains.

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