Manage leases and payments on autopilot

Work efficiently with an easy to use digital lease contract and payment automation platform.

Enjoy these savings with SimpleRent


decrease in lease setup and signing time

6 hours

of time saved on payment-related tasks per week


amount saved in time and printing per lease contract


savings per tenant per year through SimpleDiscounts

Leases setup, signed in minutes

Say goodbye to time-consuming paper lease agreements forever with Digital Smart Lease, our end-to-end contract signing platform. Close deals faster with leases drawn up, sent and signed on any device, anytime in as little as 3 minutes!

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Automated rent collection

With our online rent collection, setup and receive entry, bond and scheduled rent payment on the dot, stress-free. Save time on admin and manual tasks and easily keep track of your transactions with 100% accurate payment records.

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Full transparency

With our real-time dashboard, have a birds-eye view of your leases and payments . Monitor every activity from SMS/email reminders, payment receipts to lease changes and upcoming renewals - so you can maximize revenue and occupancy.

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Personalised communications

Grow your relationship with your tenants by providing tailored messaging. No more awkward follow-ups with automated SMS and email reminders. Plus, see the exact time your message was delivered and opened with our real-time dashboard.

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Shopping discounts for tenants

Tenants who pay with Simplerent can enjoy exclusive gift cards and discount vouchers for shopping at top retailers nationwide. Over $300 in savings per tenant per year through our SimpleDiscounts Buying Group.

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Unleash your growth potential with SimpleRent

Number of properties

*Calculations are based on $500 weekly rent amount, at property management fee at 8% per month ; 75% of tenants paying weekly and 25% paying fortnightly.

Plays nicely with your

favourite systems

SimpleRent is fully integrated with PropertyMe and works

well with your favourite trust accounting platforms.

How SimpleRent works

  • Property Manager
  • Tenants
  • 1. Create digital lease

    Setup, send and get lease contract signed by tenant electronically.

  • 2. Setup payments

    Setup entry, bond and scheduled rent payment online.

  • 3. Monitor dashboard

    Track lease contracts and payments in real time.

  • 4. Notify tentants

    Send automated emails and SMS to tenants hassle-free.

  • 1. Sign lease digitally

    Receive digital lease via SMS/email. Review and sign on mobile.

  • 2. Pay rent online

    Pay entry, bond and scheduled rent payments - weekly, fornightly or monthly.

  • 3. Receive notifications

    Get timely lease and payment reminders via emails and SMS

  • 4. Enjoy discounts

    Get discounts and save on your weekly shopping through Simple Discounts. Learn more

Getting started is easy

  • Get a personalized demo

    Consult with our specialist and get a live walkthrough of the SimpleRent platform.

  • Integrate for FREE

    Our onboarding manager is with you every step of the way - from bulk data transfer to setting up your first digital lease and payment.

  • Manage properties with ease

    Create digital lease, setup rent payments and send tenant communications from any device, anytime. Get access to a reliable, customer support and our team of experts.

Thousands of property managers and tenants love us

Still got questions?

What is is a cloud-based property management platform that optimises lease and rental payments management. SimpleRent reduces administrative time and costs, whilst driving business growth and better customer satisfaction. It helps property managers create meaningful experiences for their tenants through:

  • Fast and easy online lease setup and signing from anywhere
  • Fast and easy online lease payment set up for entry, bond and recurring payments
  • Automated rent collection (whether entry payment, bond, scheduled rent or water bill) with pre-built communications
  • Added customer value by giving shopping discounts for paying rent

How does SimpleRent work?

SimpleRent does the heavy lifting for you behind the scenes through cloud technology. You can drive faster occupancy with digital lease signing and payment automation in 3 easy steps:

  • Create digital lease - Get leases drawn up, sent and signed in as little as 3 minutes*.
  • Setup payments in minutes - Receive entry, deposit, bond and rent payments on the dot, stress-free with 100% accurate payment records.
  • Tenants and Property Managers enjoy daily shopping discounts - Get FREE access to discount coupons and store gift cards from a wide range of retailers nationwide.

What is SimpleDiscounts?

Our vision at SimpleRent is to bring joy to tenants, and this is why when we designed our system we asked how we can be a big WIN for tenants.

We then asked:

  • What if, we could help a tenant achieve 3x, 5x, or even >10x their bank account direct debit fees in savings?
  • What if tenants could save more than a week's worth of rent every year, especially after fees?
  • What if tenants could do this by shopping at the locations they like to shop at every week and save on groceries, alcohol, petrol, pharmacy and more?

With this challenge, we created the SimpleDiscounts Buying Group, exclusive to SimpleRent tenants and agents. Everyone paying set and forget rent will automatically be registered to SimpleDiscounts and will enjoy shopping savings on anything from Woolworths, BWS, Dan Murphys, Woolworths Caltex Petrol Stations, Big W, Priceline Pharmacy, and more.

SimpleDiscounts simply offers straight up money savings (keeping extra cash in the tenants and property managers’ pockets through discounts).

Do I get locked into a contract?

We are so confident in our product and service we do not lock you into a long term contract. You are able to cancel at any time. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain including saved time, saved money and delighting tenants.

Can you help me migrate from another platform or from a manual database?

Yes, we offer specialist assistance as you migrate to SimpleRent:

  • Import your data without manual hassle through our bulk data transfer facility ( PropertyMe clients)
  • Adjust agency templates
  • Invitation of existing Tenants to SimpleRent (PropertyTree, Console etc.)

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SimpleRent is a cloud property management software that is designed to help property managers save time and agencies money, and delight tenants.


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