Accept property payments instantly with your personalised payment link

Introducing SimPay, our streamlined payment link solution designed to simplify one-off payment collection. With SimPay, you can effortlessly accept payments from tenants by sharing a single, easy-to-use payment link that’s unique to your agency.

Take payments for almost anything.

  • Entry payments or initial deposits

  • Invoices (for utilities, commercial, or strata)

  • Rent arrears

  • Sales and marketing
    ... and more!

Accept credit and debit card payments instantly

Effortless setup

Our team will set up your secure payment link and QR code exclusively for you, even branding it for your agency.

Simple sharing

Whether you have one transaction or a hundred, you can utilise a single payment link for all of them, easily shared via email.

Convenient  payments

Tenants can make instant payments anytime, anywhere, simplifying the process for entry payments, bond, rent, and more!

Secure entry payments on the spot

Imagine this: You’re at a home viewing or a contract signing with a tenant eager to secure the rental. With our payment link, simply share the link, and tenants can pay the entry payment promptly on the spot, without the delay of setting up an account beforehand. It’s as simple as CLICK, PAY, DONE!

How SimPay Payment Link works


Set up your payment link

Reach out to your SimpleRent Success Partner to create your agency payment link. It'll be personalised and branded just for you, hassle-free.


Send the link through email or SMS

Instantly send the link URL or QR code to your tenant via email to request payment. You can also copy the link and send it via message.


Get paid fast with credit or debit card

All your tenants need to do is click on the link, enter the payment details, and you'll both receive notifications for successful payments. It's that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SimpleRent’s SimPay Payment Link?

SimPay Payment Link is a convenient feature designed to simplify one-off payment collection for real estate agencies. It allows you to effortlessly facilitate payments by sharing a single, easy-to-use payment link. This clickable link and scannable QR code enable tenants to make property payments quickly and securely.

2. How do I set up my unique agency payment link?

Leave the setup to us! The SimpleRent team will handle it all in your SimpleRent account. Simply book a demo or contact us, and we'll customise the link for your agency. It'll be personalised and branded just for you, hassle-free.

3. What payments can be paid through SimPay Payment Link?

SimPay Payment Link supports a wide range of tenant payments, including entry payments, bond payments, rent, water bills, and more. Tenants can conveniently use the link to make one-time payments for various transactions related to their tenancy. 

4. What payment methods accepted through the payment link?

SimPay Payment Link accepts multiple payment methods to accommodate tenant preferences. This includes credit cards and debit card, providing flexibility and convenience for tenants when making payments.

5. How will I know if my tenant has successfully paid through the link?

Once a tenant has successfully made a payment through the SimPay Payment Link, you will receive a notification or confirmation email indicating that the payment has been processed. Additionally, you can track payment activity and view transaction details in your SimpleRent payment report.


Ready to simplify your payment collection with an easy payment link?

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SimpleRent is a cloud property management payment software that is designed to help property managers save time and agencies money, and delight tenants.

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