How a mum of four saves over $500 on shopping per year through SimpleDiscounts


A self-proclaimed savvy shopper, Lisa is always on the lookout for shopping discounts for her family of six.


Brisbane, Queensland

SimpleDiscounts User Since

April 2017

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Here at SimpleRent, we understand that for a lot of people, paying rent is a daunting task. After all, rent is the single biggest monthly expense. That is why, when we designed our platform, our mission is to provide a renting experience that’s not only stress-free but more rewarding for everyone. Tenants can now enjoy shopping discounts for paying rent through our SimpleDiscounts app.

We had the opportunity to sit down with one of our SimpleDiscounts users who makes the most out of the SimpleDiscounts gift cards and discount vouchers. Lisa Tarabay, a certified savvy shopper-slash-doting mom of four, shares how she saves over $500 on grocery shopping per year by simply using the app.

I usually download a $350 voucher each week. I'm saving $11.65 on weekly grocery shopping. So over 12 months, that's more than $500, which is fantastic! That's money back in my pocket.

Can you tell us a brief intro about yourself?

Lisa: Absolutely! My name is Lisa. I live in Brisbane and I have been using SimpleDiscounts now for about four years. I have four children and I find that the discounts offered by SimpleDiscounts are right up my alley and perfect for our family lifestyle.

How did you get started with SimpleDiscounts?

Lisa: It was super easy! To get started with SimpleDiscounts, I received an email from the property management company and in that email, it gave me my login details.

It was really easy. I downloaded the app, put my login details straight in, added my personal details, and basically, I was ready to start using the app straight away. When you turn it on and have a look through it, it shows all of the companies that offer all of these great discounts.

It is fantastic. It’s an instant win for me.

How was the experience so far while using SimpleDiscounts?

Lisa: I have the app downloaded on my phone, and because it's on my phone, I have access to it all the time.

It's kept in my favorites and I'm able to plan my shopping purchases around it. It's so easy to use. So I pick the store that I wish to shop at and simply download their voucher or their discount offer. It comes straight to my phone. And, when I make my purchase at the shop, I simply show the discount voucher and it comes off immediately. So, it's so quick, so instant, and so easy to use.

What do you use SimpleDiscounts for?

Lisa: Oh gosh, for everything - from grocery, pantry supplies to toiletry items using the Woolworths store card. We can buy petrol at Woolworths Caltex, alcohol from BWS, medicines and vitamins from Priceline Pharmacy, clothing from Country Road. It’s like having discounts in your purse all the time!

My favorite one is the Woolworths voucher. I can store the SimpleDiscounts voucher in my Woolworths app, which is great. So, I've linked the two together. When I’m at Woolies, I can access the voucher immediately. It also shows how much money I've got available to me. So if I don't spend my whole voucher amount in one shop, it saves the amount for me.

What else is great? Because I have four children, I'm able to send the voucher to them. They are able to use it straight away. They’ve got money to purchase. If they're out buying milk or bread or anything that we quickly need.

I also buy a store card via SimpleDiscounts, and then send it to my friend as a gift. So to be able to do that – is really handy. You know, we've got busy lives wherein we don't always have time to get out, and purchase gifts for special friends.

It's instant! It's easy. And everyone's winning.

How much have you saved per year by using SimpleDiscounts?

Lisa: I usually download a $350 voucher each week. I'm saving $11.65 on weekly grocery shopping. So over 12 months, that's more than $500, which is fantastic! That's money back in my pocket. That’s only for groceries. I’m also enjoying savings at Priceline Pharmacy, Amart Furniture, Dan Murphy’s, Country Road, Sephora, Nine West, and so many, many more.

It doesn’t need to have a special occasion to use these store cards. I can use it everyday on everyday items. It’s like Black Friday every day. It’s really great for my family.

If you were to rate the SimpleDiscounts app, from one to five, five being the highest, how would you rate it?

Lisa: If I was to rate SimpleDiscounts, I'd give it FIVE OUT OF FIVE! It's super easy to use. It's always available to me. So when I started using it, I would never have to worry about leaving it at home because it's always with me. So definitely five out of five. Highly recommended!

Any parting advice you would like to share?

Lisa: I've actually told my friends about SimpleDiscounts. It's great. I think, anyone who's renting a house through SimpleRent should grab onto the SimpleDiscounts app and start using it because what you can save over a week to a month to a year is fantastic. And you don't realize until you actually do the sums and add it up. How wonderful it is to turn your rent expense into shopping savings!

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