Introducing Digital Smart Lease: Get Leases Signed in Minutes

  • By Lara Del Socorro
  • 10 Aug 2021
  • 5 min read

It’s go time! Your business development and marketing efforts have paid off, and you are welcoming a new tenant to a property under your management.

As a property manager, you are itching to get your lease contract signed today. Does this sound like your existing process? You write your lease agreement, print it, mail it or manually email it, edit it, send it back, follow up, and have it signed and returned to you. The entire process can take three days or even longer.

Simply put, preparing leases and securing signatures can be challenging. Not only do these paper-based tasks stall your leasing cycle, but they can also cause trouble for your brand and your tenant experience.

Studies show that property managers spend 15% of their time on lease-related activities. It means that hours are wasted per week that could have been spent on what truly matters - building relationships with your tenants and landlords.

At Simplerent, we understand this, and that’s why we are continually improving the tools we give to property managers and agencies to help create more enjoyable and less stressful experiences.

SimpleRent assembled a powerhouse team with the main goal: make the lease contract process simple.

We are proud to announce that we achieved our goal with the launch of SimpleRent Digital Smart Lease.

Lease contract software made for property managers

Digital Smart Lease (PropDocz) is SimpleRent’s end-to-end lease contract management software designed for Australian property managers to create online lease contracts, and enable mobile signing. It is built to integrate seamlessly with PropertyMe, Australia’s largest property management software.

You can say goodbye to time-consuming paper lease agreements, and manually entering property information, thereby practically eliminating human error and cutting hours chasing ink signatures. This speeds up your leasing process from 3 days to as little as three minutes. Not to mention, saving you~$30 in time and printing per lease contract.

Digital Smart Lease is available with PropertyMe integration and is currently offered in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. Stay tuned for its launch in other states soon.

Did we mention that it is 100% free to use? No hidden fees or set up costs. Want a demo?

Let’s explore the functionalities of Digital Smart Lease and how property managers can enjoy it in 3 easy steps: CLICK-SEND-SIGN.

The goal of the new platform is to make lease contract preparation and signing simple. We are excited to introduce a new normal when it comes to leases. Imagine having leases drawn up, sent, and signed in as little as 3 minutes.

Ben Skeggs SimpleRent CEO

Click: Easy one click to send all tenant data from PropertyMe to Digital Smart Lease

Today there are many electronic signature apps available. But, Digital Smart Lease is more than just an e-signing tool. It is unique as it is 100% focused on real estate lease contracts.

Here at SimpleRent, we understand the intricacies of rental agreements. That is why, with PropertyMe integration, Digital Smart Lease has a templated lease contract that is fully compliant with state leasing regulations. It is pre-customisable to tailor fit to your agency’s specific requirements for greater versatility during the process.

With one click, you can send all property and tenant information from PropertyMe to Digital Smart Lease. No more manual data entry that not only delays the process but can lead to erroneous details and incorrect clause language.


Send: Sending of e-contract to your tenant via SMS and email

Online solutions have come in handy in the era of social distancing. With Digital Smart Lease, property managers can now send the online lease contract via email or SMS.

It means you can save time and energy that you could have spent on printing, setting up appointments, and physically meeting with your tenant to get wet signatures.

You can also enhance your customer service by delighting your tenants with a convenient and mobile-friendly lease contract software.

Ready to get started with Digital Smart Lease? See it for yourself and request a demo.


Sign: Tenant receives e-contract for review and signs digital lease on mobile

Your most anticipated part - sealing that deal. Digital Smart Lease makes getting signatures a breeze. It allows lease contracts to be electronically signed on any device from practically anywhere, at any time. From start to finish - DONE IN MINUTES!

Digital Smart Lease speeds up your leasing cycle with just a few clicks. Plus, you can save money on paper, ink, printer, and maintenance.

Now is the time

True to our goal - make the lease contract process simple, SimpleRent has paved the way for the next generation of lease negotiations for property managers around Australia. If you have not tried a lease contract software yet or have been using e-signature apps - now is the best time to start using Digital Smart Lease - made for Property Managers, 100% for free.

Get leases set up, sent, and signed in minutes with Digital Smart Lease.

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