Why Use SimpleRent? 7 Questions To Ask Before Jumping In

  • By Lara Del Socorro
  • 23 Aug 2021
  • 3 min read

You’re looking for property management software, and Simplerent is among the top platforms you’re seriously considering. You asked yourself, “Will this make my life easier?”

How do you go about making the right decision on using SimpleRent?

Here are 7 questions (with answers) you may want — and need — to know about SimpleRent before jumping in:


How will SimpleRent help me as a property manager?

SimpleRent is a cloud property management platform that optimises your lease and rental payments management. We help you reduce administrative time and costs, whilst driving business growth and better customer satisfaction. We empower you to create meaningful experience for your tenants through:

  • Fast and easy online lease setup and signing from anywhere
  • Simple online lease payment set up for entry, bond and recurring payments
  • Automated rent collection (whether entry payment, bond, scheduled rent or water bill)
  • Added customer value by giving shopping discounts for paying rent

How does SimpleRent work?

SimpleRent does the heavy lifting for you behind the scenes through cloud technology. You can drive faster occupancy with digital lease signing and payment automation in 3 easy steps:

  • Create digital lease - Get leases drawn up, sent and signed in as little as 3 minutes (with PropertyMe integration).
  • Setup payments in minutes - Receive entry, deposit, bond, and rent payments on the dot, stress-free with 100% accurate payment records.
  • Tenants and Property Managers enjoy daily shopping discounts - Get FREE access to discount coupons and store gift cards from a wide range of retailers nationwide.

What is SimpleDiscounts?

Our vision at SimpleRent is to bring joy to tenants, and this is why when we designed our system we asked how we can be a big WIN for tenants. We then asked:

  • What if, we could help a tenant achieve 3x, 5x, or even >10x their bank account direct debit fees in savings?
  • What if tenants could save more than a week's worth of rent every year, especially after fees?
  • What if tenants could do this by shopping at the locations they like to shop at every week and save on groceries, alcohol, petrol, pharmacy and more?

With this challenge, we created the SimpleDiscounts Buying Group, exclusive to SimpleRent tenants and agents. Everyone paying set-and-forget rent will automatically be registered to SimpleDiscounts and will enjoy shopping savings on anything from Woolworths, BWS, Dan Murphys, Woolworths Caltex Petrol Stations, Big W, Priceline Pharmacy, and more. SimpleDiscounts simply offers straight up money savings (keeping extra cash in the tenants and property managers’ pockets through discounts). Learn more about SimpleDiscounts.


Do I get locked into a contract?

We are so confident in our product and service that we do not lock you into a long term contract. You are able to cancel at any time. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain including saved time, saved money, and delighting tenants.


How does data migration work?

We offer specialist assistance as you migrate to SimpleRent:

  • Import your data without manual hassle through our bulk data transfer facility (for PropertyMe clients)
  • Adjust agency templates
  • Invitation of existing Tenants to SimpleRent (PropertyTree, Console etc.)

How can SimpleRent help me if tenants fail to pay?

SimpleRent has pre-built automations that notify tenants via email and SMS when they fail to pay, and reattempt to debit the tenant’s nominated account for the previous failed payment. If the tenant fails to pay before their next direct debit, the failed payment will automatically be reattempted in the next week's direct debit run on the same day the rent is due again. We will then attempt the failed payment and the payment due for the week in two separate payments ensuring a higher likelihood of obtaining one week rent.


What kind of support does SimpleRent offer?

At SimpleRent, we are more than just a proptech company. We are your trusted partner - helping you every step of the way. You can rest easy knowing you have a SimpleRent team just for you:

  • Business development manager for product enquiries and demos
  • Implementation manager for your training, onboarding, and migration needs
  • Success manager to ensure your business goals are continually being met
  • Customer support team for product and technical assistance


We understand that choosing software for your property management is no small feat. We hope these common questions help guide your decision-making process and make you feel confident when making the final decision if SimpleRent is the right solution for you.

Do you have more questions? Reach out to a SimpleRent expert.

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